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Simran Nutri Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a division of Simran Group emphasizing on the sales of Texturized Soy Proteins (TSP) Soy Protein Granules, Soy Protein Nuggets/ Chunks under brand name Gempro. Simran Nutri Foods is strategically located at Indore in Madhya Pradesh state, a major hub for most of our raw material. Located near the source of the produce allows us to monitor and maintain quality of our raw materials at the source. Simran Nutri Foods Pvt. Ltd. has been established with a vision to manufacture premium quality ingredients for the applications in Ground Meat and Poultry, Formed Meat Products, Vegetarian and Meat Analogues, Nutrition Bars, Cereals & Snacks for domestic and international markets.

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Our Brands

  • A versatile brand renowned for its premium quality products: TSP Soy Protein Granules, Soy Protein Nuggets/ Chunks under a brand name Gempro.

  • Meat has just become healthier and juicier with our 100% vegetarian ingredient Textured Soy Protein.

  • Our premium quality Soy Proteins help bakers reduce their product cost while enhance the product quality.


Simran Nutrifoods is established with a mission to be a trusted source of supplies of premium quality food products with the highest number of satisfied customers. Our quality and food safety policy is designed to win the trust and confidence of our customers. We will ensure that the expectations of our customers are met globally with the help of our world class technology and resource management.


Our vision is to be a successful and largest company in the industry across the globe with highest number of satisfied customers. Transforming the industry to profit-making, sustainable and potential industry and open new employment options and new creative ways of exploring the opportunities present in this industry.


We are focused on continuous Research and Development by providing a better tasting, high quality and affordable product to our valuable clients. We deeply focus on the requirements and expectations of our clients and our team of experienced people are ready to meet your requirements In case if you have any specific requirements then do feel free to let us know and our team will try our best to meet your requirements.

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