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Simran Nutrifoods Pvt. Ltd.

3/4 Anjani Plaza, Ashok Nagar, Bhawarkuan Road, Indore, M.P., India

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Plant Office( Manufacturing Unit)

Plot No. 39, Sector -3 , Industrial Area Pithampur 454774 (M.P.)


TSP Uses

Ground Meat and Poultry.
Formed Meat Products.
Vegetarian and Meat Analogues.
Nutrition Bars, Cereals & Snacks.


Texturized Soy Proteins (TSP) are obtained from Indian 100% NON GMO clean, healthy, golden yellow soybeans by the process of dehulling and deoiling, followed by extrusion, cooking and granulation. TSP is a High Protein and High Fibre product and used as meat / beef / chicken substitute. It is made from high quality Defatted Soya Flour

TSP Benefits

Our TSP is an economical protein with bland flavor profiles and protein content of more than 52%. They have unique textural properties, making them well suitable for protein fortification. During processing, anti-nutritive factors are deactivated using adequate heat treatment, thus increasing protein utilization. When hydrated, they feature a fibrous meat-like texture with outstanding moisture retention and provide excellent mouth feel, making them perfect for meat and vegetarian applications. In their dry form, they provide unique textures that characterize many of the most popular bars and snacks in the world. TVP is available in variety of sizes, shapes and colours to suit all customer applications and satisfy the needs of all food processors. SOYA TVP is high in nutrients and is an excellent source of Protein and dietary fibre. It has high water absorption capacity and provides excellent texture. SOYA TVP is Low in Total Fat & Saturated Fat. It contains no Cholesterol/Lactose / Casein, and has Low Calorific Value. These functional characteristics of SOYA TVP have made it the best option for Meat / Beef / Chicken Processors. They use our SOYA TVP as Meat Replacer, Meat Extender & as Meat Binder in their products. SOYA TVP adds protein and texture to meat products and extends all kinds of meat products hence, it can be used in Oriental Food, Canned Food (meat & beef), Burger, Hamburger, Sausages / Frankfurters, Tuna Salad, restructured Fish, Poultry Products etc.